Monday, May 21, 2007

Bad Reading Year So Far

This has not been the best reading year for me. I've been distracted and unfocused, and have not felt the need to write about what little reading I've done. By this point in the year, I'm usually closing in on 100 books read, but this year, I barely have 40. It's been better this month, but the apathy continues to be a problem. I hope this improves soon.


Terri said...

Hey! It's Terri from the BLG group! Great, blog, Mellanie. And I simply adore the Fred Thompson Facts site! You have excellent taste. :)

Mellanie C. said...

Thanks, Terri! You're my first official visitor, so I have a little something for you. Please send me your mailing address and tell me which of these books you would like to add to your shelf:

The Chick and the Dead--Casey Daniels
If You Could Read My Mind--Pamela Labud
Utterly Charming--Kristine Grayson
Stay with Me--Beverly Long
Industrial Magic--Kelley Armstrong
The Stone Prince--Gena Showalter
Kushiel's Chosen--Jacqueline Carey

FYI: These are all BookCrossing books, so a journal entry would be appreciated, but it's in no way necessary.

I'm really tickled you liked my blog! I love Fred Thompson, and I would vote for him if he ran for President!

Manky said...

OMG! I thought I was the only one who loved Fred Thompson, and I would definitely vote for him if he ran for prez. While he was in the Senate I saw him appear often on Fox News and I was always impressed with him. I was disappointed when he decided to return to acting rather than stay in the Senate. Not that he isn't very good on Law and Order, but I like Fred helping to oversee government. I vaguely remember him from the Nixon Watergate Scandal, but I remember him best as the voice of reason during the Clinton mess.

Aside from Fred, I really like your blog. Your reviews are well written and helpful. :)