Monday, August 06, 2007


I'm giving another book away. Sorry for the delay in the first one--I spent a chunk of my weekend in the hospital to find out why the right side of my face is paralyzed. Turns out I have Bell's Palsy, which, as a diabetic, I was four times more likely than the general population to contract. Sigh. I should see some improvement by the end of the week, and there's an 80% chance of full recovery within three months. Let me just say, I look and feel like a freak.

So, because I'm really stressed about this, my give-away book for the week is INSIDE MY HEART: CHOOSING TO LIVE WITH PASSION AND PURPOSE by Robin McGraw (AKA Mrs. Dr. Phil). There are likely to be several copies of this available in hardcover. These books are brand-new, except that there is a BookCrossing label inside each cover. Winners, please make a journal entry at when you recieve your books. You don't have to join BookCrossing, and you can do an anonymous journal entry that simply says that you received the book. After that, I don't care what you do with the books, because they will be yours.

I will choose and announce the winners here on Saturday, August 11th, and mail the books on the following Monday.

I hope to see a lot of entries this time out. Just make a comment on this post, and you will be entered. Good luck, everyone!


Kelly Harris said...

Wow hun, so very sorry! Here's hoping you have a speedy recovery.

maryevans77 said...

Sorry to hear about your Bell's Palsy! My husband had that a few years ago, and he was just miserable. It went away completely, and he is fine now. I saw your posting on the yahoo book groups about your giveaway, and would love to enter. Take care, it will get better!

Tammy from Chatbox said...

Hi Mellanie *waves*
Is this where we post to try and win one of the books? If so, please enter me. Now that Ive had to quit work to take care of mom I have free time to read. I used to just get the books on cassette at the library and listen to them at work because I didnt have the time to read.
So sorry to hear of the Bells Palsy. I will add you to my prayers!

Mellanie C. said...

Thanks for your support, ladies! I really need it right now.

As far as the book give-away, I have at least six copies, so we could have a lot of winners this time around.

Anonymous said...

Mellanie, I am sorry to hear you are having so much trouble healthwise. I've been very absent myself lately. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Donna R.

Michele's This and That said...

What a great way to promote, which I love.

Anonymous said...

Finding your blog interesting! The book by "Mrs. Phil" sounds like one we ALL need to read, doesn't it? Living life with passion and purpose seems to elude alot of us, and by that, it includes me!! I need to learn more positive techniques, should read that book.
I hope your Bell's Palsy is showing some improvement. But don't let it get in your way of happiness!
Hope you are having a Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...

Hope your week is getting better!

J. Kaye

Mellanie C. said...

Thanks for the support, everyone. It's been a really tough week, and Bell's palsy has ended up being the least of it. I feel pretty good, and I'm beginning to see some improvement.

Anyway, everyone wins this week, so if you email me ( your address, I'll send the books out to you this week. I haven't decided on my new give-away yet, but I think it will be a set of children's books.