Sunday, December 20, 2009

Too Many Books, Redux

When I last wrote six months ago, I was upset at all the complaints and comments people make about my book collection. Now, after six months of my husband being unemployed, I've been listing my books for sale on amazon. I sell a few every week, and while it doesn't make me rich, the extra money I get every month fills the gas tank or buys groceries or lets me take the kids to a movie. It's been a blessing. I try to spend an hour a day listing books and logging them in my inventory notebook. (I know, I know, a spreadsheet would work wonders, but I'm more comfortable with my notebook.)

It's really interesting to see what sells, though. I put Bill O'Reilly's latest book on amazon, and it sold within half an hour. New paranormal romance jumps right off the shelf, too. Books I think will sell languish for months, and books I'm dubious about go really quickly. My master plan is to leave a book on the list for six months, and if it doesn't sell, I'll take it to the library swap shelf and trade it for something else. If anyone else sells on amazon and has any advice, feel free to post here.

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