Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ghost Stories of Ohio, by Edrick Thay

Edrick Thay
ISBN: 1-894877-09-8
Book #06-151

GHOST STORIES OF OHIO is a slim volume of tales and legends from the Buckeye State. The actual ghost stories told in the book are not especially detailed or memorable, but the author's deft mixture of fact and fable makes the book interesting from a historical perspective. The photos of famous Ohio denizens and domiciles are well worth a look, and readers will gain an appreciation for state history and geography.

Thay recounts the story of the Mothman, which was made into a film a few years ago. Readers are also treated to stories about the Underground Railroad, misplaced gravestones, tragic train wrecks and more. Learning that famed author James Thurber once lived in a home haunted by a suicidal husband might help to explain such stories as "The Catbird Seat" and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty."

GHOST STORIES OF OHIO won't take anyone long to read. Although interesting and informative, it probably won't cause anyone to lose sleep, either.

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