Saturday, December 23, 2006

Just for Kicks, by Susan Andersen

Susan Andersen
ISBN: 0-7783-2315-3
Book #06-132

Carly Jacobsen is a Las Vegas showgirl with legs up to there and a soft spot for animals and other strays. Wolfgang Jones, second in command of the Avventurato Casino's Department of Security and Surveillance, is Carly's polar opposite in every way. Wolf objects to Carly's penchant for rescuing pets, and he's got her pegged (so he thinks). When Wolf's parents dump his teenaged nephew, Niklaus, on his doorstep, Wolf's frustration knows no bounds, particularly when he thinks Carly is trying to seduce Nik.

Body-checked by an old lady with an enormous pocketbook, Carly twists her ankle and suddenly finds herself dependent on Wolf. Forced into each other's company, Wolf and Carly begin to see each other in a new light. Wolf learns to appreciate Carly's big, generous heart and her rapport with abandoned animals and sick children. Carly sees the lonely man who's isolated himself to keep from being hurt, a loner who doesn't know how to express his innermost feelings. As Wolf helps Carly train a problematic pup and Carly helps Nik adjust to living with his uncle, the attraction between Wolf and Carly sizzles.

Susan Andersen always writes books that are packed with her own unique blend of humor and sensuality, and JUST FOR KICKS is no exception. Wolf and Carly have great chemistry, and readers will enjoy the sparks that fly between this unlikely couple. JUST FOR KICKS is definitely a keeper.

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