Sunday, January 14, 2007

Angels Fall, by Nora Roberts

Nora Roberts
ISBN: 0-7862-8829-9
Romantic Suspense
Book #06-157

Reece Gilmore is a top chef who survived a brutal slaying at a restaurant back east. On the run from the terrifying memories and nightmares that have haunted her, Reece ends up in the tiny town of Angel's Fist, Wyoming. Captivated by the scenery and in need of car repairs, Reece takes the Help Wanted notice at the local diner as a sign that she should stop in Angel's Fist for a while. Unfortunately, the idyllic scenery is no guarantee against violence, and when Reece witnesses a murder, yet the local authorities can find no evidence of it, the terrors are back with a vengeance. The locals all seem to wonder if Reece is a couple of fries short of a happy meal, but Brody, the ruggedly good-looking author Reece encounters while hiking, is the only one who believes her story, and he agrees to help her try to track down the victim.

Nora Roberts is possibly the best-selling author ever, and ANGELS FALL will only add to that reputation. Her plot is taut and twisting, deflecting suspicion in several directions and making full use of a very well-written take on GASLIGHT. The supporting cast is colorful. Reece's boss, Joanie, is also her landlady and mother of the town hunk, affectionately called Lo (short for Lothario) for his luck with the ladies. Mac Drubber, owner of the general store, is Reece's self-appointed sponsor in town, but even he questions her sanity as events spiral out of control. Kindly Doc Wallace seems to believe Reece, and Linda-gail, her new best friend, is supportive, but her relationship with Lo makes her suspect. No small town would be complete without a sheriff, and Rick Marsdon is on hand to help Reece remember the details of her story, although he remains skeptical, particularly as unnerving things keep happening to Reece and no one else is around to witness them.

ANGELS FALL is a long, satisfying read that will help readers while away a few cold winter evenings with breathtaking suspense and Roberts' trademark dry humor and hot romance. Reece and Brody are probably her best lead couple since Jed and Dora in HIDDEN RICHES. ANGELS FALL showcases one of the romantic greats at the top of her game, and is highly recommended.

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