Friday, January 12, 2007

Stay with Me, by Beverly Long

Beverly Long
ISBN: 0-425-20062-0
Book #06-166

Sarah Jane Tremont is a social worker at an elementary school. Burned out by the futility of trying to help impoverished families, Sarah quits her job and drives to the beach to consider her options. Talking on her cell phone, she realizes she has the information she needs to help one of her clients, but her path has led her to follow a strange set of footsteps along the shore. As a sudden storm builds out of nowhere, Sarah turns to see a huge wave of water bearing down upon her. The next thing she knows, she's in Wyoming Territory in 1888.

John Beckett knows trouble when he sees it, and when his dead brother's wife turns up in skimpy clothing, looking thin and helpless, he knows he's got a problem on his hands. Sarah seems different, though, and her behavior is not that of the selfish, grasping woman who made life hell for the Becketts. It's not like Sarah to help out a friend in need, take up for the underdog, and work to earn her keep. When the town starts buzzing that Sarah was seen in the middle of the night with John's best friend, Fred, John is furious to have fallen for the woman's lies and feels betrayed by Fred. A few home truths later, all seems to be mended, but Sarah must first overcome the enmity of the other woman in John's life: his mother.

Beverly Long's book is an engaging entry in one of the more popular paranormal sub-genres. Even better, it looks like there will be a sequel to STAY WITH ME, as George follows Sarah's footsteps into the future with a message for Rosa, Sarah's client. STAY WITH ME is sure to please.

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